The villages’ square, the biggest and most beautiful square in Pelion, has four restaurants serving tasty traditional dishes. Under the huge plane trees you can enjoy the local cuisine in a quiet and cool place. Don’t forget to sit for a Greek coffee at the traditional café (kafeneio) operating since 1785.

If you enjoy hiking or walking then Lafkos is the ideal place for you. Surrounded by a big net of stoned paths (kalderimia in greek) the area offers the visitors a large selection of routes to enjoy the nature and the calmness. The biggest part of these paths are preserved, maintained and marked by the local association “Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion”.

Some of the walks close to the village are:

  • Lafkos – Milina (circular) Distance: 7,1 km (with return) Duration: 2 hours (with return)Altitude: from 0 m. (Milina beach) to 300 m. (Lafkos square) Signed with: small round yellow signs Drinking water on walk: yes (Panagia Mesosporitissa chapel) → https://tinyurl.com/lafkos-milina
  • Lafkos – Platanias (westery route) Distance: 7,1 km Duration: 2,5 hours (walking time 2.10′) Altitude: from 305 m. (Lafkos square) to 0 m. (Platanias) Signing: red marks, round yellow signs Drinking water on walk: no → https://tinyurl.com/Platanias-westerly
  • Platanias – Lafkos (circular) Distance: 13,6km. Duration: time of hiking 4 hours, Altitude: from 0 m. (Platanias) to 385 m. (the highest) Signing: red marks, signs
  • Lafkos – Platanias (eastern route) Distance: 6,4 km. Duration: 2.15΄  Signing: red marks  Highest Altitude: 350m
  • Argalasti  – Lafkos: Distance: 7,1 km. Duration: 2.15΄ hours Signing: red marks, small signs Altitude: 305m. (Lafkos)

For more information about walks and activities visit the websites http://www.friendsofthekalderimi.org/ and  http://walking-pelion.blogspot.gr/

The area is also famous for its amazing beaches each one having unique characteristics most of them within a 20-minute drive. From the side of the Pagasiticus gulf you can find the beaches of Marathias, Milina, Chorto or eastern from the side of the Aegean sea the most famous are the beaches of Mikro, Platanias, Lyri, Potistika just to name a few of them.


What about enjoying the nature of South Pelion on the back of a horse? The Hippo Campus Farm offers a range of excursions in the area. For more information http://www.hippocampusfarm.com/


In the seafront village of Milina Andy and Christine Lewis offer bareboat and skippered yacht charter in an unspoilt and picturesque corner of Greece that offers numerous quiet bays and small villages with waterfront tavernas, as well as easy access to the Sporades islands, including Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. For more information https://www.ac-yachtingmilina.com/

Seminars and Workshops of Botany, Apiculture – Walking

Pelion is the mountain with the largest number of medical herbs. Would you like to know more about them and their use? Maria Zafeiriou will guide you to the secrets of the herbs inviting you to participate with all your senses! More activities and information http://www.natureseminars.gr

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